Safe Hair Extensions

The purpose of hair extensions is to enhance the hair not damage it.

Step 1- Consultation

I offer a free hair extensions consultation before commencing with the hair extensions. We can discuss your requirements and go through the different methods and see which will suit you and your life style best. During the consultation you will be offered a free hair extensions test which will give you an idea of how they feel (individuals only).

Step 2- Application

I offer all 4 methods of hair extensions, Bonds, Locks and Wefts as i find these are the safest hair extensions methods and i have reached a high professional standard in them.

The individual method creates a free flowing hairstyle just like your very own natural hair and it lets your scalp breathe there is nothing on your scalp and they lie flat to your head and this will let your hair grow. If they are applied to close to your scalp they can feel uncomfortable.

Each bond doesn’t weigh a lot at all which creates a weightless feeling over your hair and doesn’t feel as though your hair is overloaded with to much weight. If you have very fine hair anywhere on your scalp the bonds can be cut into half preventing to much tension on your scalp.

The weave method is very natural looking and so low maintenance also brilliant because its reusable and can be worn in any hair type.

Step 3- home care & maintenance

All clients are fully advised on how to care for there hair extensions and given a set of guidelines on how to care once you leave. You can also download a copy from the maintenance page.

I suggest that a maintenance appointment is booked 8 week after the application so i can check on how they are growing out and how well they are being looked after.

Step 4- Removal

Some bonding materials are so strong that they are so difficult to remove without causing damage to the natural hair, with the keratin bond that i use it is very easy and kind to remove. It is very simple there is no damaged caused to your natural hair. Both applying and removing hair extensions shouldn’t cause any pain or discomfort to your natural hair. I always recommend you to have your extensions removed professionally by me to ensure it is done safely.

Removal of the weaves are very kind and not harmful to the hair very quick also.