Fusion Bonds


This method is an application of strand by strand method. Were the hair extensions are applied in individual strands. The process involves me taking one of the strands and then attaching it by melting the pre tipped keratin and fusing it to the natural hair. The keratin is gently rolled to form a hard bond. Please note this is NOT glue. It is non toxic and 100% non damaging to the natural hair. Giving it an authentic natural look. It also allows your scalp to breath.

My bonds are about the size of a grain of rice making them comfortable and discrete. Many people worry that they will be able to feel and see them when in fact most client can barely feel them in there hair and after about a week or two they come to feel very much like there natural hair.

This method lasts between 3-6 months depending on your hair growth and the aftercare. Once removed you cannot reapply the hair

This method is the most popular method out of the 2 individual methods.

Removal of these are perfectly fine if you follow the aftercare advice and come back to me for the removal.

Micro Rings/ Itips


This is one of the easiest methods to install and remove. They are small and lie very flat to the scalp. This again is a strand by strand method but instead of melting the pre tipped bond you loop strands of your natural hair trough a lock. This lock is then clamped and pressed closed and securely locks the hair in place.

This method lasts between 3-4 months before you need to come back have them removed and reapplied, these are reusable.

Skin test is required as some people can be allergic to the rings as they are metal.

La Weave


This is the most popular method out of both weaves.. Micro rings are applied to the natural hair and a track of weft hair is sewn into the rings. Fast application, and very low maintenance! lowest out of all the methods.

You need to get this tightened every 6-8 weeks and the hair is completely reusable

Braided Weave


This method is not so popular and consists of cane rowing the desired sections of your hair (usually 2 or 3 rows) and then sewing a weft directly to the cane rowed hair.

The plaits are small and narrow and get covered by the weft. This technique is not damaging to the hair as long as the plait is done correctly for the type of hair. As the hair grows the plait will become looser and will need retightening after about 6-8 weeks.

You need to have quiet strong hair for the braid as its a lot of tensions on the front of your scalp around your hairline.

You need to get this tightened every 6-8 weeks the hair is completely reusable