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The LGH Experience

Visit us at LG Hairdressing for an experience like no other. Let us work our magic on your hair while you sit back and relax, our customer service really is second to none!

Prior to your appointment you will have a complimentary consultation, this allows us to check that the condition of your hair is suitable for hair extensions. We want to offer you the best service or method of hair extensions to suit your requirements. Blow-dry appointments don’t require a consultation. When you arrive for your appointment, Ellie will show you to your seat where you can have a look at our drinks menu before having your hair washed.


Free hair extension test

During your hair extension consultation, you will be offered a free test. 1 to 2 hair extensions will be applied to your hair to give you an idea of how they feel, this will also help us to test the suitability of our hair extensions in your hair. It is rare, but some people do have ‘unsuitable hair.’ The hair appears perfectly fine but does in fact have the inability to hold even the smallest amount of weight, making it unsuitable for all hair extensions.


Only the best for our clients

When you arrive for your appointment you will be greeted by the lovely Ellie, who will show you our drinks menu. We offer Nespresso Coffee, Hot Chocolate or why not treat yourself to a Pink Gin or a glass of Prosecco. Depending on your service you can expect to be with us for a few hours, to help pass the time we usually have ITV daytime on the TV or a selection of the newest magazines for you to look through. We also have some popcorn and sweet treats too!


We offer 3 different methods of applying hair extensions:

Fusion Bonds

Fusion bonds are by far the most popular method at LGH. The strand by strand bond extensions create a free-flowing hairstyle to mimic the look of your natural hair. This method allows your scalp to ‘breathe’. Fused with the non-toxic resin keratin, this is a natural substance which is found in your hair and nails, so your hair accepts it and it causes no damage to your natural hair. Our bonds are attached 1cm from the scalp so that they lie completely flat with your head allowing your natural hair to continue growing without any disruption. This method is perfect for all hair types and can be applied to fine or short hair.

LGH Weave

The LGH weave is a cost-effective way to achieve long luxurious hair. A row of micro rings are placed along your hair, close to the scalp. The small silicone micro ring has a small section of your hair threaded through it which is closed with pliers to secure in place. Once the row of rings is applied, the hair weft is sewn onto them. To hold the weft securely in place we then stitch along the weft and rings. This method is super quick and can create amazing length and thickness in around an hour. Suitable for medium to thick hair which is below the shoulder in length.


Tape hair extensions are a new method, a cross between weft and bonded extensions. They are miniature wefts fused together like a sandwich, integrated into the hairline directly at the root and are completely discreet with no damage to your natural hair. They lay completely flat to the scalp and are suitable for almost all hair types.


Aftercare advice

We will fully advise you on the maintenance and aftercare of your hair extensions. You will be given a booklet of instructions on how to look after and get the best out of your hair extensions at home. We advise you to come back for a check-up after 4 weeks to ensure that the aftercare instructions are being followed correctly.


Homecare pack

With all new sets of extensions you will be provided with a homecare pack, consisting of a shampoo, conditioner and a hair brush.


When do you need to re-apply?

Fusion bonds cannot be reused, we expect them to last for anything between 3 and 6 months depending on lifestyle and aftercare. Once your extensions have come to the end of their life you will need to have a brand new set.

LGH Weave will need to be retightened sometime between 8 to 10 weeks. We advise the removal and retake to be done over a period of 2 days.


Your natural hair

Root colours can be done in-between maintenance services or at the same time.

We also offer a Plex service during colour to maintain the health of your natural hair.

Hair extensions removal

Fusion bonds

Our bonding keratin is durable yet gentle on the hair and is easy to remove if the aftercare guidelines have been followed correctly.

Shed hair will come out with the bond removal, this is completely normal as you shed 100 hairs every day. So, in a 3 to 6 month period you are going to have shed hair that needs to be removed.


LGH Weave

We carefully cut the thread sewn along the weft and rings and remove the hair and rings row by row.

Shed hair will be brushed out, then your weft will be refined using the same hair but new rings, sometimes rings may be reused if still suitable.



A solution is applied to the two sandwiched tapes, this then dissolves the stickiness and the tapes slide away from your hair and any remaining tape will be brushed out. They are then re-taped and reapplied – we advise that this is done over 2 days.

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